May 16, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Greg Lowe, CEO

Lake Norman Regional Medical Center

National EMS Week – May 19-25 CEO Editorial/Letter

It takes a special kind of person to respond well in an emergency, to be ready at a moment’s notice and remain calm and focused in difficult circumstances. If you’ve ever called 9-1-1, been in an accident or rushed to the emergency room, you’ve seen people like this in action.

These are our emergency medical services professionals, who are always prepared and ready to help those in need. They are people you can count on, who have the knowledge and expertise to handle life-threatening emergencies. They treat others with respect and compassion, and soothe fears and worries.

May 19-25 is National Emergency Medical Services Week, a time for local communities and medical personnel to come together to publicize safety and honor these hardworking individuals. Many of these men and women work on call and on holidays, dedicating their lives to ensuring the safety and welfare of people in Iredell and surrounding counties, so they deserve special recognition.

On behalf of Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, we thank our partners in EMS for their undying commitment and service and ask you to join us in honoring and celebrating our EMS team during this time.