Holiday Travel Tips Brought to you by CuddleBugs at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center

Mooresville, NC (November 26, 2013) – Prepare for a smooth journey ahead. The holidays are a time for family, friends and celebrations, and that often involves travel. Whether you’re driving or flying this month, you’ll most likely face traffic, weather and airport delays. Add a fussy infant or cranky toddler into the mix and it can make things particularly challenging.

Thankfully, with a little planning and preparation, you can make traveling with little ones easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. CuddleBugs at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center would like to provide some tips to make that upcoming plane or car trip go more smoothly.

Up, up and away

Flying with your child can be stressful, particularly because you’re in such close quarters with others who may be frazzled and less than understanding. But with proper planning, you can be ready to handle the most common challenges in the air:

  • Safety first. First and foremost, make sure your car seat properly fits your child and your car, and you know how to secure it correctly. For more information, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Parents Central website at Additionally, pack a first aid kit stocked with items appropriate for your child’s age.
  • Time it properly. Consider scheduling driving time to coincide with bedtime. Regardless of when you travel, stick to the same napping and bedtime routine in the car as you would at home. Bring lullaby CDs or other soothing music, and shades to block out the sun for daytime naps.
  • Take rest breaks. To prevent fussiness, tantrums or stir-crazy kids on long trips, stop for 15-30 minutes every two hours to let young ones — and parents — stretch, move around, and burn off some energy. If you have to travel more than six hours, consider driving over two days instead.
  • Bring food and fun. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks so there’s no need for unnecessary stops. Pack soft toys, favorite DVDs or books on tape for entertainment. Put several pacifiers in a handy location, which can be easily replaced if a fussy baby throws one. You can also tape a bright picture to the back of the seat facing your baby.

You can’t control the weather, traffic or other delays associated with holiday travel, but proper planning can make it a less stressful, more enjoyable experience. Most trips have a few bumps in the road, but don’t let them upset you. Learn from your experiences and consider solutions for next time around. Most importantly, remain calm and collected, and pack a little extra patience.

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