Lake Norman Regional Medical Center Celebrates National Donate Life Month

MOORESVILLE, NC (March 26, 2013) — April is bringing more than showers to Lake Norman Regional Medical Center this year. We are pleased to join the rest of the country in observing National Donate Life Month.

Celebrated annually, National Donate Life Month recognizes the generosity of those individuals whose families say “yes” to donation. The month also enables transplant recipients who have received life-saving organ and life-enhancing tissue transplants, to demonstrate their appreciation. 

Organ transplants save lives by replacing damaged and failing hearts, kidneys, livers and other vital organs. Tissue transplants are used to treat a variety of health problems from blindness to bone cancer. The sad truth is that thousands of additional people could be helped if more people said “yes” to donation.

Across the United States today, more than 116,000 sick and dying people are waiting anxiously the phone call that will tell them a suitable donor has been found. If they are lucky, the call will come in time.

The North Carolina Donor Registry

The Heart Prevails Law, passed in 2007, makes an individual’s decision to be an organ, eye and/or tissue donor legally binding. Families are closely involved in the donation process, but cannot override their loved one's decision if they are 18 or older.

The registry is managed and maintained through a partnership between Donate Life North Carolina and the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. Individuals can join the NC Donor Registry by signing up online at or at the DMV when you get or renew your driver’s license. By joining the registry, you can be assured that your wishes will be honored.

Lake Norman Regional Medical Center’s Involvement

Lake Norman Regional is one of 40 hospitals in this region that works with LifeShare to offer the option of donation to the families of potential donors.  Each year our staff improves the quality of life for patients in need by participating in the recovery of organ, eye and tissue donors.

You can help too. How? By making a decision, signing-up to be a donor and then letting your family and friends know. To raise awareness among staff and the public, Lake Norman Regional will fly the Donate Life flag for the month of April, supply brochures throughout the hospital, display informational tents on tables in cafeteria, and have a Life Share spokesperson answer questions during lunch.

For the approximately 3,500 North Carolinians awaiting transplants, there is no single month of need. For them, only the facts count. If you have questions, contact LifeShare at (800) 932-4483.


  • If you are sick or injured, saying yes to donation will not interfere with emergency medical care. Organ and tissue donation only becomes an option after all life-saving efforts have been made.
  • One in 10 donors is age 65 or older.
  • All major religions in the United States support donation. Your organs are like material things. You can’t take them with you. 
  • The computer system used to match donors and recipients makes it impossible to match organs on the basis of wealth or celebrity status.
  • There is a special need for minority donors in North Carolina. Over 60% of the waiting list is comprised of African Americans.
  • There is no cost to the donor’s family or estate for donation. The donor family pays only for medical expenses before death and for funeral costs.
  • Donation does not cause disfigurement. An open casket funeral is possible if that is the family’s wish.
  • Transplant surgery is a delicate process that happens in a highly controlled setting, making it medically impossible for so-called “black market” organs to be transplanted in the United States.
  • Each donor can save or enhance up to 50 lives.

About Lake Norman Regional Medical Center

Lake Norman Regional Medical Center offers comprehensive medical care to individuals throughout the greater Lake Norman region. Located just off I-77 at Exit 33, the Mooresville medical campus offers complete specialty services from 24-hour emergency medicine and maternity to oncology and advanced surgical services.