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  • A full spectrum of maternity care including labor and delivery, prenatal care, lactation support services and more.
  • Advanced care to newborns with high health risks such as breathing difficulty, nutritional deficiencies or other conditions.
  • Baby and Childbirth Classes

    Our classes and programs for expectant and new parents will help you learn more about childbirth your new baby.

    Resources and Support

    Get trusted information about pregnancy, prenatal care, labor and delivery, and lactation.

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    Preparing for Pregnancy Even before you become pregnant, your health matters to your future baby. Two tips: Address any medical problems before becoming pregnant, then get regular prenatal care.
    Your Changing Body The hormones of pregnancy bring on a number of changes, from nausea to fatigue. Your growing, developing baby, too, has a profound effect.
    Your First Trimester You need to take care of yourself for a new reason. Your health can affect your baby's growth. Focus on your health for two reasons now, not one.
    Your Second Trimester This often is called the "golden trimester." You're starting to show. And you're starting to glow. Use this time to have fun with your partner, your friends, and your family.
    Your Third Trimester Visits with your health care provider will be biweekly, then weekly. Ask now about labor, childbirth, the warning signs of preterm labor, and when to call your provider.
    Pregnancy Tests and Procedures Several tests and procedures are available to help monitor you and your developing baby.
    Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyles Here is sound advice: Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol or use illegal drugs. Eat a nutritious and balanced diet. See your doctor regularly throughout your pregnancy.
    Pregnancy Complications Although the majority of pregnancies are uneventful, sometimes complications do occur. Bleeding, miscarriage, and preeclampsia are some of the common complications.
    Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Probable signs of labor: your contractions are getting stronger; your contractions are regular (about every 5 minutes) and getting more painful; your water breaks.
    Your Newborn Baby Sleeping, eating, crying, cooing - your new arrival will keep you busy. You'll soon figure out his or her patterns and preferences.
    When Baby Needs Special Care Sometimes a baby has a difficult birth or arrives prematurely. If that happens, treatment can begin right away - in the delivery room.
    Feeding Your Baby For the first four months, breast milk or formula provides your baby all the nutrients that are needed to grow.

    Welcome To The Stork’s Landing Maternity Center at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center

    Babies don’t wait to come into the world. We’re right here to assist in their arrival 24 hours a day at The Stork’s Landing Maternity Center. Specially designed for growing families, our maternity center offers:

    • Home-like postpartum rooms with private showers
    • Decorative labor delivery and recovery suites with private Jacuzzi baths
    • A family focused environment
    • Level III Special Care Nursery under direction of board-certified neonatologist
    • Board-certified obstetricians/gynecologists, pediatricians, family practitioners, and midwives
    • Board-certified lactation consultants
    • Neonatal resuscitation and CPR-certified nurses
    • Board-certified anesthesiologists for epidural anesthesia 24-hours
    • Courses for mom, dad and siblings, including infant/child CPR

    For pre-registration please download the maternity admission form here.

    Tour Our Maternity Facilities

    You have to see our beautiful facility to really appreciate all that we have to offer. Tours are included with childbirth education classes. Expectant parents, siblings and grandparents can also make an appointment to tour without being enrolled in classes - Please e-mail or call (704) 660-4374 to leave a voice mail message.

    Our Mission at The Stork's Landing

    The mission of The Stork’s Landing is to provide our community and the visitors to our area comprehensive and integrated maternity care of the highest level, with compassion and respect for you and your family. We also strive to provide ongoing health education and to offer our resources to promote a health and wellness in the communities we serve.

    The Stork’s Landing at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center recognizes these values as vital to our role in fulfilling this mission:

    Commitment To Our Patients

    • We recognize the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual person and family.
    • We strive to extend the highest level of service and courtesy to each of our patients, their families, our visitors, and each other.

    Commitment To Leadership in the Community

    • We provide health care services as a center of excellence.
    • We are responsive to the needs of our community as served through evaluation of need, development and implementation of new programs, and the advancement of medical services.
    • We engage in a wide range of continuing education and support the educational programs for professionals and our community.

    Commitment To Excellence

    • We strive to create an environment of teamwork and participation, dedicated to continuous quality improvement, in which our employees can pursue excellence, take pride in their work and the organization, and improve personal development.
    • We believe that the quality of our human resources – employees, physicians, and volunteers – is the key to our continued success.
    • We provide physicians with an environment that fosters high quality diagnosis and treatment, as well as professional and personal satisfaction.

    Patient and Visitor Policies


    To provide a safe and secure environment for you and your new baby, we ask you to limit your visitors. Two people are generally allowed in the labor-delivery room to support the laboring woman. Siblings of the new baby are welcome at any time, however, they must be accompanied by another adult other than the father/support person. For reasons of safety, siblings cannot spend the night in the hospital after the mother gives birth, and no other children under twelve can visit.


    The Stork’s Landing understands that you may want to videotape your baby’s birth. Every attempt will be made to accommodate videotaping based on the following guidelines:

    • Patient should discuss videotaping with her OB/GYN during office visits prior to coming into the hospital.
    • Video cameras must be battery operated. The use of electrical cords may cause a potential safety hazard.
    • When complications develop, the attending physician (if present) or the labor nurse in charge will approve or prohibit videotaping.
    • Labor and Delivery: Videotaping during the labor process is permitted except during direct patient care procedures. You may not use tripods, third-party photographers, light sources not contained within the camera because they may interfere with ready access to the patient. During the delivery, the camera operator must be stationary at the head of the bed. Walking around the delivery room while using the camera may cause a potential safety hazard. The nurse decides if and when the support person/father may move from the head of the bed to the infant warmer.
    • Cesarean section: During a cesarean delivery, to avoid contamination of the sterile field, the circulating nurse must escort the camera operator to and from the infant warmer. Pictures of operative procedures are not permitted. During a cesarean section, with physician approval, the drape may be lowered for taping the infant's delivery.
    • Recovery Room: Videotaping will be permitted at the discretion of the nurse and confined to the patient care area.

    Mother - Baby Nursing

    We strive to provide you with comprehensive and integrated maternity care of the highest level, with compassion and respect for you and your family. We believe that mother-baby nursing promotes individualized, family-focused care and increases your self confidence in caring for a newborn. We believe that you will have more learning opportunities with this model of care and be better prepared to care for the needs of your baby.

    Trusted Care for Moms and Babies

    Becoming a mother is a special time in a woman’s life, and at Lake Norman Regional, we are dedicated to providing women and newborns with exceptional care. Our experienced labor and delivery specialists provide everything from prenatal to postpartum care — including specialized care for high-risk deliveries — and a full range of educational resources and support to meet the needs of new parents.

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