Rehabilitation Services

Specialty trained therapists delivering individual care

We have worked with many area physicians in developing all of our programs. By staying current with the latest research in rehabilitation, we are able to devise and implement the most effective treatment plan that achieves the best outcome for our patients' needs. Lake Norman Rehabilitation Center is the areas only center to offer pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in one location.

Patients are looking for the most out of their healthcare dollars. Our individualized care maximizes gains in range of motion, strength and return to function in a minimal amount of time. Using the most up-to-date treatment and technology, our team helps our patients achieve and often surpass their initial goals of therapy.

Multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation

Lake Norman Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services that spans all levels of treatment. Our 6,200-square-foot rehab facility includes private treatment rooms, a pool, changing rooms, an open gym area, and all the latest in therapy equipment. Whether surgery, a serious injury, or debilitating illness has brought a patient to our facility, we work with each individual to customize a recovery plan that will speed his or her recovery. 

We offer many programs, including :
From pediatrics to geriatrics and all those in between, our therapists have specialty training in orthopedics, sports therapy, stroke and neurological rehabilitation and industrial rehabilitation.
Occupational therapists help patients regain independence with many everyday tasks. Their skills restore functional use of the upper extremity in cases of stroke or trauma as well as surgical repairs. Our OTs assist in the decrease of pain, increased range of motion and strength of the upper extremity us well as assistance in regain ing independence in activities of daily living.
Speech language pathologists offer a patient/ family-centered approach. Problems treated by speech therapists include inability to produce speech sounds or produce them clearly, difficulty understanding and producing language, difficulty with speech rhythm and fluency, voice disorders and communication skills, difficulty with attention, memory, reasoning or problem solving and difficulty with feeding or swallowing. Our highly trained and caring team provides speech services to clients of all ages.
Senior Safety and Fall Prevention
The risks and complications with falling are critical to seniors. Our senior safety program develops strength, functional body mechanics and improved reaction. By utilizing a variety of treatments, from aquatic therapy to innovative approaches to safety, our clients see measurable safety improvements in as little as four weeks.
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Pelvic 1100r dysfunction may conttibute to urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, coccyx pain, post prostatectomy incontinence, fecal incontinence or constipation. Treatment focuses on normalizing the muscle tone of the pelvic floor and restoring balance between the pelvis, low back and hips. Treatment may include biofeedback, manual techniques, functional re-education, not just "Kegels."
Certified Vestibular Therapy 
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a specialized program designed to treat dizziness and balance disorders. Our certified vestibular physical therapist performs the evaluation and treatment. Some of the conditions treated by VRT include BPPV, unilateral / bilateral vestibular loss, chronic dizziness and frequent falls. The goal ofVRT is to decrease the frequency, duration and intensity of the vertigo, reduce fall risk and learn compensation strategies.
Certified Lymphedema Management
Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of protein and water in the space around your cells. Lymphedema can be primary or secondary, which is usually caused by surgery/trauma, removal of lymph nodes or cancer radiation treatment. Symptoms include swelling, aching or heaviness in the arm or leg, and limitation of movement. Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard of care. Our certified lymphedema specialist will personalize your individual treatment plan typically consisting of manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, exercise and skin care to minimize swelling of the extremity and improve daily function.
Peripheral Neuropathy
This condition, once believed to be irreversible, uses laser technology and other therapies to restore function of the peripheral nerves. Our pilot study in this area has gained national attention and restored sensation in hundreds of diabetic und idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.
Aquatic Therapy
Therapy in our 92-degree endless pool has helped a variety of patients from those with arthritis or fibromyalgia to post-operative athletes as they work in a protected environment to accelerate rehabilitation and maximize gains.
Pediatric Therapy
We are the area’s only center to offer occupational, speech and physical therapy in one location. Whether your child is having trouble paying attention in school or has speech or motor delays, our therapists use a variety of techniques that help our kids get back on track.